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Tender Processing is slow & costly?

TenderFix: Tenders to Bids in seconds!

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Tender received

Email / download from
portals. Fax machines still in use in some places ...


Checking basic data
and selection of the
relevant part. In many
cases the document is
still printed out.

Angebot erhalten

Product Matching

For the relevant entries the matching products to be offered are manually selected
from a product catalogue


Offer Generation

The product to be
offered, prices and
terms and conditions
are listed. ERP tools
commonly used

Gebot versenden

Bid submitted

The offer is sent out to
the customer - Email
or upload to a portal is
common here

With TenderFix From Tenders to Bids in Seconds!

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1. Tender received
In most cases per Email or (automated) download from portals

2. TenderFix integrated
Using APIs TenderFix is fully integrated in an automated workflow - from getting the required data to sending out the bid

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3. Bid submitted
The offer is sent out from the TenderFix system to the customer (Email or upload)


Try out TenderFix - free!

How many Tenders do you work on (monthly)

Vielen Dank!

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