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Our journey to revolutionize tender processing

TenderFix was founded with a clear mission and a visionary idea. Our team conducted extensive product testing to develop an innovative software solution for tender management. With our ongoing passion and determination, we aim to revolutionize tender management and provide our customers with efficient and reliable solutions.

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What we strive towards:

Our future focus is on automating the entire tendering process, from tender processing to automatic bid generation. We aim to streamline the tendering experience, saving organizations valuable time and resources. Exciting advancements are coming to TenderFix, so stay tuned for more updates.

Our founding team

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Stephan is an award-winning scientist with 25+ years of management experience in large multinational corporations as well as SMEs across Europe and Asia. Before becoming an investor and entrepreneur, he was an Operations Director for BASF, the world's largest chemical company. He is a veteran inventor with 40+ patents. In his leisure time he is a hobbyist maker, tech enthusiast and is sailing across the world with his family.

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